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Ketamine Telemedicine Has Arrived. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

As reported November 30, 2021 in VICE, clients say they’ve had bad experiences with Mindbloom, a ketamine company.

Eight Mindbloom clients shared their experiences: higher payments than advertised, organizational difficulties, long wait times, an overall lack of therapeutic support and consistency, as well as cases where Mindbloom was misleading about two medical experts being affiliated with the day-to-day operations of the company.

Finding help online is difficult. The minimum standard of care we recommend is screening and evaluation by a medical doctor who will establish your care plan, and trained psychologists or doctors who can help you navigate the psychedelic experience so that you are able to work through your issues wit integration.

Beware of online ketamine companies that use loose affiliations with doctors and sketchy clinicians to prescribe controlled substances. Poorly trained "sitters" who have no ability to manage issues that may arise during therapy, or to properly guide you through the process of integration following ketamine can ruin your experience and be a huge waste of money.

Read in VICE:

"Thank you for sharing" is not our idea of therapy.

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