• Mignon Walker MD

You & Your Vagina: The Definitive Guide to Bliss

Updated: Aug 29

A course designed for women, but definitely a guide for any man that wants to understand how to be the most amazing lover.

Women are born with a magical pleasure box called a "yoni," the secret passageway to a blissful reality. According to ancient eastern teachings, it is your very life force. The only problem is, it didn't come with instructions. Most women vulnerably look to their teachers, parents, and friends, and tragically to lovers to find out how it works. Below you'll find a link to a course on women's sexuality that can serve as a roadmap to understanding your feminine parts and their functions, while allowing your intuition to guide you into a deeper understanding and reverence for your specific yoni. Enjoy the peace and purpose felt when you truly begin to appreciate and embody all that you are.

"The greatest con was getting women to believe their yoni is ugly, shameful, undignified, and should not be a source of pleasure. The roots of these sentiments lie in the fact that men are just as baffled about how women work as women are, and as such, have never fully experienced magic the divine female potential." --Mignon Walker, MD

This course is will link you to experiences that anchor you into the wonders of the universe of possibilities inside your own yoni. You do not need a partner to complete the exercises, but you will need a few things that are listed inside the course. Beware: Your jaw may drop as you unravel the mysteries of the divine feminine and the beautiful feelings you can unlock as you progress along your path. A final warning, sometimes the process will require releasing strongly held negative beliefs about yourself. Recognizing and releasing them requires courage. Tears may flow in the process. Healing is worth it.

Is this course for you?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then you've got your answer.

  • Would you like to change your relationship with your pleasure center?

  • Are you ready to lay down the burden of self criticism and manifest the unapologetically female sexual energy that is your birthright?

  • Do you want to grow in sensitivity to the sexual energy known as kundalini, a powerful manifesting energy originating in proximity to your womb, and capable of igniting all your chakras and enhancing your divine consciousness?

  • Would you like to heal your sexual trauma?

  • Would you like to feel the confidence of understanding your points of desire, while rewiring your the sensitivity to and awareness of your pleasure generating parts?

  • Would you like to experience multiple, hour long, life changing orgasms that bring you to a blissful state and connect you to your divine self and beyond?

  • Would you like to be unstoppable in your ability to create the life you desire?

  • Are you willing to invest in yourself to obtain a private educational experience on your journey to self-mastery and manifestation?

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