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You can be your ideal body weight without having to struggle or feel deprived. Lose 10-25 pounds per month toward your goal. Ourpatients have lost up to 80lb in three months and look great - no sagging skin or gaunt faces - no surgery! They become more powerful and confident.

You don't have to feel uncomfortable because of your body; or that you need to hide beneath cleverly chosen clothing when in front of others. You don't have to wonder what people are thinking about you because of the image you project as it relates to your weight and body image. And, you certainly can have a life free from whatever is driving your eating that has nothing to do with hunger.

When you lose weight, you are more confident, less critical of yourself, less stressed, and have a satisfying feeling of accomplishment. You can also save money by lowering your insurance premiums and medical bills, and positively affect other aspects of your life.

If you have difficulty losing weight or are tired of yo-yo dieting, make a commitment to yourself and address your eating issues now. Change your approach to eating; not just focus on eating less and exercisingmore!

The Healthy Lifestyles Program is open to everyone. It is designed to help you lose 2-3 pounds per week, and is based on real, savory food. It is a great place to start, or an excellent option for maintenance. Health issues usually improve dramatically on this diet. Our patients have lowered their insulin requirements (from 74 units/day to 0-12 units/day), come off their blood pressure medications, reduced their need for asthma medicine, and decreased pain in their lower back and knees;az usually within 1-2 months on the diet.

You can lose weight faster, usually 4-6 pounds per week on our special very low calorie diet along with the hormone HCG to help target undesired fat deposits while maintaining tight skin, and still reap the health benefits. For more information about this diet, please browse through the slides on the right.

Our fat burning treatment, Lipodissolve is an excellent complimentary or stand alone treatment to melt away hard to reach pockets of fat that typical weight loss doesn't reach.

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