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Erectile dysfunction can destroy your intimate life, and leave you feeling embarrassed and inadequate. Not everyone qualifies for pills to treat ED as they put a considerable strain on your heart. The Priapus Shot®, or P Shot® provides long lasting results that are much more natural. This treatment involves injecting concentrated growth factors from your own platelet-rich plasma into your erectile tissue to promote stronger blood circulation, harder erections, and increased sensation.

The P-Shot® treatment is available in our private boutique office setting by Mignon Walker, MD in Orem, and is accessible from the surrounding area. This treatment can help to reverse the effects aging and chronic disease on erectile dysfunction. Most men increase their normal erectile function, erectile stamina, and confidence with just one treatment. Results are enhanced by combining the treatment with microcurrent treatment that increases your natural growth factor production and light therapy to stimulate your stem cells and support healthy DNA function.

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Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

Being able to identify the symptoms and signs of erectile dysfunction can help you receive the treatment you need as soon as possible. You may wonder about the causes of your condition. In most cases, there is not always a single cause of erectile dysfunction, but multiple factors such as:

  • Obesity
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Up to 60% of men will experience a natural decline in the pleasure of their sexual satisfaction and the strength of their performance. Factors like fatigue, illness, stress, partner choice, and other factors can also contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Safe, Effective, Pain Free Procedure Results Last Up to 18 Months

The Priapus Shot®, or P Shot®, is an office based medical procedure. The key ingredient in the Priapus Shot® is Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, derived and concentrated from your own blood after a simple blood draw. PRP is rich in powerful natural growth factors which work together to restore your erectile function. When injected into the erectile tissue, PRP increases blood flow, nerve function, and collagen production. The Priapus Shot® also contains structural proteins that improve your size. Patients who qualify will be offered an advanced protocol. The advanced cellular protocol is considered experimental but provides you with the most potent dose of bioactive growth factors available.

Dr. Walker is the first and only provider in Utah offering the Needle Free P-Shot®. Our proprietary Needle Free P Shot® provides the same excellent results of the world-famous Priapus Shot®, without the anxiety and pain caused by needle focused protocols. Repeated penile injury caused by needle-based injections such as Tri-Mix can cause scarring and possibly other complications. Going needle free is an easy choice for men who want to intensity their intimate experiences, enhance their size and sensitivity, and/or treat erectile dysfunction.

To maximize your comfort, we use a topical numbing cream. This is an out-patient procedure, that only takes about an hour to complete. You will be able to return to your regular activites after the procedure.

Results vary per patient. Dr. Walker will help you determine which protocol would best achieve your goals. The number of appointments and the time it takes to begin seeing results can also vary depending on your health and other factors. The earlier you seek treatment, the better the chance you will have at preventing erectile dysfunction from getting worse.

Effectiveness and Frequency of Treatment

While some men may begin to experience results immediately after a treatment session, other men may need several appointments before seeing results. In most cases, it can take 4 weeks for the full effects to occur.

The injections have few side effects. Mignon Walker, MD will consider the severity of your erectile dysfunction to help determine how many injections will be required. Some patients require two or three injections at monthly intervals.

While there are pills, creams and medications to help with erectile dysfunction, they do not produce the natural experience the P-Shot® can. The other options are also not customizable to your specific needs. Even men who have struggled with the erectile dysfunction for several years before seeking treatment, report improvements.

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