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Even though one effect of the natural aging process is a decline in the body's ability to fight off symptoms of illnesses, we can help prevent this with ozone therapy. We can help you find relief from various symptoms and promote a lifestyle in which you can live life to the fullest. Ozone therapy introduces the gas ozone into the body to increase oxygen levels, boost the immune system and more.

Ozone therapy is available by Mignon Walker, MD in Orem and the surrounding area. This alternative medicine can help to relieve pain and symptoms from conditions that people experience through aging. Even if someone is still in their prime, there is a chance of serious health conditions beginning to develop.

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Understanding Ozone Therapy

Ozone is a colorless gas consisting of three oxygen atoms. By introducing ozone into the body, we can stimulate the immune system. Mignon Walker, MD can use this gas to disinfect infected areas of the body and help the patient get more oxygen. This form of alternative treatment can help to further the recovery process for a patient's overall condition.

When patients come to Mignon Walker, MD for ozone therapy, our team will inject the gas into the affected area. The injection site may be a person’s knee, shoulder, arm, leg or face. Our physician will determine the right dosage to use, depending on the patient’s needs and the severity of the condition. Injections are a standard method, but there are other ways to deliver ozone into the person’s system. Other techniques include:

  • Drinking ozonated water
  • Taking a gas bath or sitting in an ozonated sauna
  • Applying ozonated olive oil to the body
  • Mixing ozone with the patient’s blood and injecting it back into the bloodstream

Conditions Ozone Therapy can Help Treat

Getting older is a natural part of life, but it is not fun to live with the effects of aging. Illnesses and diseases can come to anyone at any time. When people come to Mignon Walker, MD for this treatment, they may be able to find relief from a variety of health concerns. The conditions that ozone therapy can help treat include arthritis, circulatory problems, infections and viral diseases.

In many cases, this treatment will help to relieve symptoms and spur recovery while the patient continues their current treatment plan. During a consultation, we will need to go over the patient's medical history, current condition and any ongoing treatment plans they are receiving. With this information, we can customize the treatment plan for their needs.

Why People Choose this Method

Finding the right treatment for health conditions can be difficult. However, this does not have to be a fruitless pursuit. Adults of all ages are candidates to benefit from ozone therapy since it is virtually pain-free and has few side effects. The process is also fast, so people will not have to plan on several hours at our wellness center.

Ozone therapy can also be effective at treating a wide range of health problems. Regardless of a person’s health and wellness status, this may be an effective approach. It is essential to speak to our team when a person is interested in this treatment. We will introduce ozone into a patient’s body once a day up to two or three times a week.

Mignon Walker, MD will evaluate each patient’s condition to determine how many treatments make the most sense. Depending on a person’s health status, this can be an ongoing therapy.

Follow-Up Care

Our staff cares about every patient’s wellness. We will follow up with each patient after the treatment to make sure the person feels well and is satisfied with the procedure. Patients should call our office if they experience any adverse reactions or have pain or discomfort.

We will schedule follow-up appointments to discuss the next steps and possible future treatment. We will also conduct a physical after therapy session to evaluate the results and effectiveness of ozone therapy.

An Alternative Approach

It is not easy to live with the aches and pains that come with aging. While natural, there is no reason for you to live with these changes. Call us at 801-478-5884 to schedule an appointment and learn how ozone therapy can help you.

From the moment patients walk in the door to any necessary follow-up care, our team strives to create a welcoming and comfortable treatment environment. Mignon Walker, MD and our team will help you find the customized treatment you need to live life to the fullest.

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