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It has been called "the shot heard round the world—only this time the revolution is on behalf of modern women." (by Rachel Kramer Busse) The O Shot®, is a new, noninvasive treatment that alleviates female sexual dysfunction and stress incontinence by using a portion of your own blood that is rich in growth factors and healing elements, and placing it directly into scarred, painful, weakened, or erogenous tissue that lacks full sensation.

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Aging, trauma, and childbirth can interfere with your ability to orgasm or the level of pleasure you experience while being intimate. Mignon Walker, MD can help you enhance your sensation and address your difficulties with the O-Shot®.

This treatment can rejuvenate your tissues to enhance intimate pleasure, natural lubrication, and improve your ability to climax. During the O-Shot® procedure, Mignon Walker, MD, will concentrate the platelets in your plasma up to 10x your baseline count, magnifying the number of growth and healing factors available to help regenerate your pelvic floor tissues, and enhance the nerve growth in your clitoris. This can intensify your orgasms, improve your natural lubrication, and increase your desire to be intimate with your partner.

The O-Shot® also adds volume to the treated area, in turn increasing sensation and sensitivity. Our proprietary Needle Free O Shot protocol® is quick and virtually painless. The standard O Shot®, and the Needle Free O Shot® can be performed by Mignon Walker, MD in Orem, and is accessible to women in the surrounding areas. She is the only provider in Utah offering the Needle Free protocol. Within a few weeks, your tissue based stems cells and other cells in the injected areas grow and regenerate, causing an increase in blood flow and tissue rejuvenation in the clitoris and vaginal walls. Dr. Walker is a certified provider, and trained with the inventor of the procedure to perform the procedure safely and effectively.

There is no reason to continue struggling if pain, dryness, or low desire prevent you from experiencing your natural feminine pleasures in the fullest.

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Benefits of The O-Shot®

While there are store based products that can provide temporary enhancement and pleasure during intercourse, women find the effects minimal or ineffective, and they can be a big waste of money. With the O-Shot® treatment, our patients can receive professional treatment for longer-lasting results.

The O-Shot® can also treat various conditions including:

  • Stronger, more frequent orgasm
  • Increased arousal and sexual desire
  • Improved vaginal sensitivity
  • Younger, smoother skin (Vampire Wing Lift™)
  • A tighter vaginal opening
  • Decreased pain for patients with dyspareunia (pain with intercourse)
  • Increased natural lubrication production
  • Improved symptoms of urinary incontinence

The type of benefits you will experiences can vary per your specific issue and overall health. Sometimes more than one treatment is needed to achieve the results you desire. Women who are older or have more significant issues with their tissue strength, advanced cellular options such as cellular therapy, bioidentical hormone balancing, and a cellular supplement program are additional options. Cellular therapy is an experimental treatment with young "master" cells whose contents have the ability to reduce inflammation, increase flood flow, increase collagen density, and restore normal behavior to older, damaged cells. We have protocols for this type of more advanced intervention as well. Dr. Walker may also recommend needle free glutathione shots for overall antiaging, or one of several other options to boost your own native stem cell response.

How the O-Shot® Works

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is a common treatment for various health issues. Patients have used this therapy for pain relief and to help overcome a variety of conditions. Mignon Walker, MD, uses this treatment for women to improve orgasms and overall sexual wellness.

Women struggling with loose vaginal skin or vaginal dryness should consider the O-Shot® to help rejuvenate the vaginal tissue, improving tightness, lubrication, and sensation.

The O-Shot® is a great option for women who:

  • Have difficulty getting aroused or finding the pleasure with intimacy
  • Cannot achieve an orgasm, even if aroused
  • Experience pain during sex
  • Have urinary incontinence with coughing, bending, or sneezing

Signs and Symptoms of Sexual Health Issues

An active and healthy sex life can be essential to a romantic, intimate relationship, and feelings of satisfaction with life. Compromised sexual health can increase feelings of frustration, low self esteem, and a feeling of disconnect with your core feelings of desirability and strength. With the O-Shot®, it is possible to help women feel pleasure and satisfaction during sex.

It is fairly common for women to struggle to get an orgasm during vaginal intercourse. However, women who cannot reach their peak even with direct stimulation should visit with Mignon Walker, MD and consider this treatment. If you do not feel sexual desire or pleasure, make an appointment in our private, boutique practice to see how Dr. Walker can help.

Also, if you have tried other methods but have not had any success, you may benefit from this procedure. We can customize the treatment to your individual needs. The ideal intimate experience is different for everyone. Women often become unhappy with themselves or with their partner because of physical limitations. Lack of time, stress, pain, lack of opportunity or an absence of interest in physical intimacy can also be factors.

The following are some challenges you may have experienced achieving sexual satisfaction:

  • Not having sex often enough
  • Intimate experiences that do not last long enough
  • Intimate experiences that are interrupted or delayed
  • Intimacy that does not lead to pregnancy
  • When intimacy does not produce the desired feelings of connectedness
  • Pain or discomfort from decreased natural lubrication
  • Thickened tissue that is fibrous and painful

It is not out of the ordinary for people — even younger, sexually active individuals — to struggle with their own ability or desire from time to time. However, you should schedule an appointment with Dr. Walker when the issues start to put a damper on your relationship, or cause feelings of inadequacy or self criticism. It is also essential to get help if these feeling s cause you to become depressed or anxious.

Natural Methods

It is possible to improve your performance without taking medication or undergoing surgery. There are many natural techniques men and women can try to improve their intimacy and pleasure. Exercising can boost your stamina, muscle strength and blood flow, which are all important during intercourse. Dr. Walker may recommend supplements and dietary changes such as eating more meat, nuts, oysters, or other foods. Sometimes, thoughtful mood setting is all you and your partner may need to achieve more satisfactory intimacy. Reducing stress and anxiety can make it easier for you to feel more in the mood and achieve an orgasm.

Follow-Up Care

The number of treatments you need varies per your condition and symptoms. Each appointment can take up to an hour. Most women notice a difference in stronger orgasms and arousal within a few days of the appointment. After the treatment, you can resume sexual activity within four hours, and it is encouraged. If you have any concerns or questions, your follow-up appointment is an excellent time to address them. Many women say the treatments are effective for a year or more, though all patients will have different levels of success with the shots.

Get in touch with our staff by calling 801-478-5884 and making an appointment with Dr. Walker, to see you she can help you today.

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