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Even though the aging process causes unwanted changes to the appearance and body, we offer customized treatment to help reverse some of these changes. We use cell therapy to target the source of the more painful symptoms of aging. Cell therapy uses human cells to replace or repair damaged tissue in the body.

Cell therapy is available by Mignon Walker, MD in Orem and the surrounding area. We can help patients heal by treating the damaged tissue at a cellular level. This way, patients can begin to experience lasting relief from the aches and pains of aging.

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Benefits of Cell Therapy

By treating health issues at the source, we can help patients to achieve lasting relief, instead of the temporary relief one experiences from store-bought medication. With our customized treatment, we can build a plan that meets the patient's specific needs. Benefits of cell therapy include:

  • Helping to treat a wide array of health conditions
  • Repairing or replacing damaged tissue on a cellular level
  • Promoting healing and recovery
  • A customized treatment plan
  • Professional services and follow-up care when necessary
  • An efficient medical process

Since each patient is unique, the results may vary on the patient's health and condition they have. At our medical facility, Mignon Walker, MD and the team are committed to finding the most effective treatment for the patient.

How the Cell Therapy Process Works

Stem cells make up the body’s most basic and essential materials. All other cells with essential functions come from these cells. While the body can produce these cells naturally, it is also possible to produce them in a lab. In cell therapy, Mignon Walker, MD will take stem cells and inject them into the affected area of the patient’s body.

Most of these cells will come from fat or bone marrow. The number of injections the patient will receive depends on the condition and the severity of the patient’s needs. Depending on the condition, the patient may experience relief from pain and healing of damaged tissue. This treatment can be an effective option for a condition when traditional methods fail.

Conditions Cell Therapy Can Treat

Cell therapy is gaining much interest in the scientific and medical communities. This treatment may be effective at fighting many diseases, illnesses and other health conditions. The cells can replace damaged tissues or organs in the body. People come to Mignon Walker, MD with a variety of health problems. This therapy may be successful in treating the following:

  • Neurological diseases
  • Weakened immune system
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Damaged joints
  • Autoimmune diseases

Since the effectiveness will vary per the condition, some patients may not experience immediate results as others do. While this treatment can provide relief, the healing and regeneration of tissue will be a more gradual process. Our team is here to guide the patient throughout the treatment sessions and cell therapy.

Frequency and Duration of Cell Therapy

Mignon Walker, MD will review the patient’s medical history and current condition to decide how often to perform cell therapy. For some patients, a single injection may be sufficient, while others may need multiple injections. After each treatment session, our team will evaluate how the patient is responding and feeling.

There will be an examination along with other tests to assess the effectiveness of the procedure. If the patient has any concerns or questions, they need to be open with us as much as possible. We can make adjustments to the therapy plan, when necessary.

Every patient is different, so it is not possible to say how well the treatment will work in each case. However, many patients notice improvements in function and health in a few weeks. Most people see results within six months following the initial process. We will also go over any side effects the patient is experiencing and adjust the treatment plan accordingly.

Continual Care

People who visit our clinic can have peace of mind to know that we have their wellness in mind. After a cell therapy injection, our team will follow up with each patient. Patients should also call our office if they experience pain or discomfort at the injection site. There should never be a reason to withhold concerns or questions.

Call Us and Begin the Treatment Process

Cell therapy may be a new concept to you. When it comes to fighting the effects of aging, this could be a viable option. There is no reason to put off making an appointment with our office any longer.

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