I’m a medical doctor interested in helping you reach your health goals.  Often, what most people need is insight into how to succeed, not pills and procedures.

I practice medicine in California and Utah, but am available for non-medical coaching and accountability online using the same techniques that I have perfected over the past 23 years to help people break through barriers to achieve their health and weight goals.

Contact me if you need one-on-one virtual health coaching from someone who is credentialed and experienced.  



I feel great.  The coaching is on point, and Dr. Walker is easy to work with.  I seem to have more energy, and the weight loss results have kept me right on track to continue following the program. -RI


Even though I have had great accomplishments, over the years I had gained 60 pounds.  I knew how to hide it under my clothes, but just didn't feel as though I was at the top of my game with all that weight.  Now I feel like the old me is back.  It's like I rolled back the clock by 20 years.  I look and feel great.  Now I have nothing to hide.  My friends are both jealous and amazed.  Several of them have joined the program and are achieving their weight loss and personal goals.  I recommend it to everyone who wants to do something significant for themselves. 

                         - PS 60 years old

I have gained a lot of weight in the past few years because of stress.  I decided to start this diet because I just couldn't recognize myself anymore.  I didn't feel comfortable in my clothes.  After two months, I lost more than 45 pounds!  I couldn't believe it.  I get so many compliments.  I am back in clothes I haven't worn for years!  I love it.  The diet was easy for me and I will use the techniques I learned to keep the weight off.

                  -CW, 28 years old


I used to have to lay down to zip up my pants, and sometimes I would get my fiance to help me.  I am 2 sizes smaller now, and have plenty of room in my clothes. 

                  -TW, 73 years old

I was depressed about my weight when I started.  My relationship with my husband wasn't going very well, and I didn't feel comfortable with the weight I had put on over the years.  I was really in a bad situation emotionally.  After the first month, I had lost more than 7 inches from my stomach, and almost 20 pounds.  I have 15 more pounds to go, but I already feel better about myself.  Things are getting better at home too.  I love Dr. Walker. She really cares, and has made a big difference in my life.


I like the weight loss program and would recommend it to others.  I like the fact that the skin stays tight during the process.  I would do it again.  -AG

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