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Ketamine Therapy

Mental and physical pain are the root of misery for millions of people. Some brave souls are able to tough it out and make the most out of life, always enduring some suffering.  Others find the pain sucks all the pleasure out of life or even make enjoying life impossible.

Ketamine therapy has helped millions of people take the pain out of life so that they can get back to doing things they enjoy.  Integration, or making sense of your non-ordinary state experience and using what you learn to find ways out of thought loops is the goal. But preparation is the key.

Psychedelic preparation is important because it sets you up for navigating the non-ordinary state in a way that you can process triggers and memories that come up.

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The ketamine experience is optimized when you properly prep and have integration tools at your fingertips.

We take your pain seriously, and this is our way of always being there when you need us.  Just open the app and use the tools to empower your own healing experience any time.

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