"My vision is to provide the tools you need to live your best life."

Medical School:  Stanford University School of Medicine

Residency:  USC Family Medicine

Additional Training:  Siddha Veda (India & Germany), Tantric Relationships, Trauma Informed Yoga, Sound Therapy, Ketamine IV Therapy, Aesthetic Medicine, Medical Weight Loss

Mignon Walker, MD, began a lifetime career of promoting health and wellness as a Stanford University School of Medicine/USC Family Medicine graduate.  The limitations of western medicine and her desire to facilitate deeper, more life-changing healing led her to train with a master healer in India and Germany over an 8 year period. There she learned ancient techniques used in a 2500 year old oral master-student lineage and tradition that originated with Jīvaka, the physician to the Buddha. These techniques are not published in books, but are found on original 2500 year old Sanskrit scrolls, which provided the foundation of Dr. Walker’s eastern training. 


Healing and integration of your physical, emotional, and energetic bodies is the goal of her work. The restorative experiences and techniques she uses can help remove blocks and open the possibility of being happy now, and being more harmonious within your own choices and experiences.