Trauma Informed Yoga

Yoga is an ancient method used to quiet the mind and integrate the mind, body, emotions, and spirituality.  Trauma informed yoga is a special form of yoga that focuses on moving old energy from areas where it is blocked or stuck to promote healing and recovery from stress and trauma.

Yoga Class

What is it like?

Most sessions last approximately 60 minutes, and are a journey through energizing your chakras (internal energy centers) using asanas (poses), pranayama (breathwork), affirmations, and sound therapy.

This is not your typical vinyasa flow class or hot yoga for exercise.  This is much slower, and sequences are chosen for maximal physical and emotional benefit of those lucky enough to catch a class.



For maximum growth and healing, classes are currently held on a private or small group basis for individualized therapy.  Maximum group size:  10

Iyengar Class