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As you age, you lose stem cells (cells that help repair and regenerate tissue) and have a natural decline in hormonal function resulting in increased pain, memory loss, hair loss, and a decline in function. Mignon Walker, MD uses a variety of non-surgical procedures and nutritional support to reverse many age and injury related changes. PRP (platelet rich plasma), advanced cellular therapies, IV Nutritional Therapy, and anti-aging protocols can optimize your body's function, including hair regrowth and joint pain reduction.

Our advanced regenerative aesthetic techniques get you the best results from the Vampire Face Lift® and Vampire Facial® by triggering increased collagen and elastin, giving your skin a smoother, tighter, more radiant appearance. Intimate wellness is boosted by the O Shot® for women, and the P Shot® for men. These minimally invasive office based procedures have changed the lives of many men and women by treating erectile dysfunction, pain and incontinence, while enhancing desire and sensation. Relationships flourish when you increase your confidence and ability to connect.

One of our main targets is inflammation. Pain, aging, sleep, digestion, and immunity are all improved by lowering inflammation. Our program supports your most important cellular components, your DNA (the part of the cell that determines your cellular function) and your mitochondria (the energy center of the cells).

We understand the secret to staying young as long as possible, both in how you look and what you're able to do. We can help you minimize the impact of the environment and time on the natural aging of your cells. What good is spending the time and money on advanced interventions, without optimizing your stem cell and tissue micro-environment?

You deserve an effective, discrete treatment in a comfortable medical setting. We want to help you get the best results possible so that you can enjoy the life you have worked so hard to create.

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Our strength is our training and experience. Our goal is to provide the best services possible to optimize your health and wellness. Our commitment is to provide a comprehensive plan that benefits you beyond your symptoms, and addresses your deeper cellular function and vitality. Our patients appreciate the private nature of our care, and personalized service. Dr. Walker is easy to relate to, and makes everyone feel well taken care of, from the moment you meet her.

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We offer a comprehensive menu of regenerative medicine services that promote the recovery of your DNA function, leading to cells that look and behave younger. Our services include supplements for cellular functional recovery, platelet rich plasma injections, advanced cellular wellness techniques, erectile dysfunction therapy, bioidentical hormone replacement, regenerative aesthetic medicine, IV nutritional therapy, and peptide therapy, all administered in our boutique practice by our medical doctor. Look as much as 10 years younger with combined non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques like Botox®, Juvederm®, a Vampire Facelift®, and microneedling. Restore your intimate vitality with a P-Shot® or O-Shot®. Increase your confidence by addressing hair thinning and balding. The first step is to call 801-478-5884 today, and schedule an appointment.

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Professional Supplements

To make a new cell, your body must have all the building blocks it needs. If you are missing even one nutrient, your cells will not function normally. If a tornado/hurricane destroys your home, you can’t rebuild it with only doorknobs and bathroom tiles — you need all the parts to make a new home. Your body works the same way. It can be tricky distinguishing between low quality supplements and supplements that are toxin free and contain all the right ingredients to help build healthy new cells. Mignon Walker, MD spoken with different manufacturers regarding their ingredient sourcing, and with nutritional biochemists about what form of supplements are best used by your body. The professional supplements she recommends are comprehensive and in the most active form. They contain natural detoxing elements, and bio-available active ingredients for building healthy cells, and optimizing their function. Click below to find out how you can get the equivalent of what is found in 16 or more products, in a single product that is much higher quality, and easier for your body to use.


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